UAE Sokians Won the Olcott Memorial Trophy 2017

UAE Sokians Won the Olcott Memorial Trophy 2017

Olcott memorial Trophy cricket tournament was held on 03 March 2017 for the 10th time at Ajman Oval Ground with the participation of teams consist with Past Pupils of Sri Lankan Olcott community schools, namely Dharmasoka College (Ambalangoda), Mahinda College (Galle), Ananda College (Colombo), Rahula College (Matara), Maliyadewa College (Kurunegala), Nalanda College (Colombo), Dharmapala College (Pannipitiya), Dharmaraja College (Kandy).

Past Pupils of Dharmasoka College Cricket team was participated for the event as defending champions as they being the Champions of last 2016 Olcott trophy.

Dharmasoka College was in Group B along with the Ananda College, Nalanda College and Dharmapala College and their first encounter was with Nalanda College wherein both teams have secured 79 runs, during their five overs, each resulting the match to be decided in the super over. During the super over Nalanda College manage to beat defending champions securing a thumping win against the Dharmasoka College.

Second match played against the Ananda College where Dharmasoka College manage to score 72 runs during their five over where they are successfully defended that low score, largely due to tight bowling spell by Sokians, with securing their first victory of 2017 Olcott Trophy Tournament with 20 run win.

Dharmasoka College net run rate help them to end as second place of Group B in premier league where they are to meet a team end as first place of Group A at semifinal.

Semifinal match was played against the Dharmaraja College where Sokians marked their feet on the ground with mammoth score of 127 runs (at 25.4 per over) during their innings beating Dharmaraja College where they manage to score 101 runs. With this win Dharmasoka College enter into Trophy final with a team who may qualify from other semifinal encounter.

Final match was played between Dharmasoka College and Maliyadewa College where Sokians elected to bat first after winning the toss and manage to score 98 runs, by batting first, during their five overs. When Maliyadewa College start their reply, strongest bowling skill and fielding performance in the tournament displayed by Sokians, were restricted Maliyadewa College to 45 runs though they did not lose any wicket.

Dharmasoka College beat Maliyadewa College in the final of Olcott memorial Trophy 2017 to retain the Trophy being for upcoming Year. The Man of the Match (Nalaka Thenuwara), Man of the Series (Nalin Thenuwara) and best batsman (Pasindu Prabhash) awards of Olcott memorial Trophy also won by Sokians.

Sokians were manage to secure second consecutive Olcott memorial Trophy in that colorful night. In addition Dharmasoka College also awarded for best hut among all other schools where old Sokians, Upul Bandara and Migala Igalahewa, dedication has being rewarded when they secured second win in a raw over the hut competition as well for the second consecutive time.

Sokians were dominating the whole tournament and majority of participation, music, DJ and the colorful display brought the attraction of all the spectators. With that, another spectacular Olcott event comes to an end and it was evident, once again, that the success of proud Sokians is always due to their unity which is the utmost strength what DCPPA – UAE carry forward.


  • Congratulations and Well-done Sokians. Once again you show our unity as a team in UAE.
    Hats off to all the team members and wonderful organizing committee.
    We shows that we not only we are good in crickets but also designing our wonderful school hut which attract everyone attention that day.

    Proud to be a Sokian.

  • ranjan d says:

    Great achievement boys keep it up

  • Rashane says:

    Congrats, my favorite Sokian uncles!!!!!!!!
    I always enjoy your company.
    It was a wonderful day.

  • Our Cricket Team achievement has come as a great delight to all of us. All our hard work, commitment and practice has paid off. I was a hundred percent sure that Sokians would be the winner! Special Thanks to our Cricket Team, Hut Designers, Supporters and my event coordinators. This was a collective achievement. We have displayed our strength and unity again. Congratulations to each member of the DCPPA-UAE for the fantastic results. I am really happy with the huge success.

  • Not only the Trophy, We won the Trophy and the best hut. Team work is the key for this achievement and Unity is our Strength. Really proud to be a Sokian.

    Congratulations !!!

  • Well done Sokians. we Sokinas enlighten the full event & we show how is our Unity & strength keep it up.

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