Donation of 7 Water Dispenser to the Dharmasoka College
Handing over the Water Dispenser

Donation of 7 Water Dispenser to the Dharmasoka College

It was almost a decade when a group of less than ten Past Pupils of Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda first began to gather for represent the School in Olcott community event. Since then Past Pupils of Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda continue to grow with the remarkable contribution to the local community and today we are with more than hundreds of Sokians prepare to undertake much more towards the local communities and also to the mother School.

Soon after DCPPA – UAE inaugural AGM on 27 January 2017 in Abu Dhabi, proud to announced the successful completion of their first ever project for mother Damso.

This was held on 27 February 2017 at the school premises as a part of scheduled annual Project of DCPPA – UAE. The fund was disbursed according to the annual budget allocated for the Project and glad to inform you that the executive board has being working hard to ensure the Value for Money is received in return.

Accordingly we, DCPPA – UAE, could donate the complete requirement of water dispensers to School as requested by Principal. This request was made as one of the Project for School’s Prefects and the request was made by the Principal which is received on 23 January 2017 by secretary to DCPPA – UAE. Accordingly Executive Board the announcement has made of such request during the AGM and subsequent executive board committee meeting wherein all the Members have being accepted of the Project execution.

We are continue to receive the appreciation and warm reception by School Principal, Teachers, students, Parents and Past Pupils to date. It is our happiness as we, DCPPA – UAE, finally able to contribute to this worthy cause and pay respect to our mother Damso as being a reason where we are today. It has being made an excellent example for all the students presently benefiting from the school, and you, DCPPA – UAE Members, are proud Sokians whom have prepared to serve the communities when a need arises.

This is just a simple beginning and let’s get together to create a better future for all communities and serve and lead the communities as a proud Sokian.


  • Well-done and Proud of DCPPA-UAE !!!.
    Our special thanks to fellow Sokians Hershan for representing the occasion on behalf of the DCPPA-UAE and Jeewana for all the arrangements and purchases of this water dispensers.

  • I am indeed very glad & proud as a member of DCPPA UAE Thank you very much for offering all of your assistance on the this project. I really appreciate all of your willingness & dedication to success of DCPPA UAE.
    All of us are proud product Dharmasoka College.

  • Unity and the spirit of SOKIANS. No matter where we are in the world. Well done !!

  • Nuwan says:

    Proud to be a Member of DCPPA – UAE and finally…. Glad that I could contribute to do something better for School which was mentally bothering since a while, back in mind, from the day I start realizing the reasons for being myself today. Great… Relief… Sokians are always serve to lead… Way to go People….

  • Rasika Hendahewa says:

    Well done DCPPA-UAE.keep up the good work and your helping hand towards the betterment of our alma-mater and our future generation.We as parent OBA feel proud of you guys…

  • Duminda Samarathunga says:

    Well done DCPPA-UAE! It is great pleasure to be part of the team last ten years from the outset. This is only the beginning. Long way to go team. Let’s keep this up and make our mother DAMSO proud!

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